Helping Hands

December 17, 2022 by Lili Stapel

There are many ‘Helping Hands’ in our communities that work every day to make it a better place, often without recognition. For this project I visited different community aids and resources in Sylva, North Carolina, to capture their hands on the job, and record their answers to one question:

“What’s something that’s happened on the job that’s made it feel worth it?”

Dave Russell, Editor at The Sylva Herald and Ruralite newspaper

Sue Lipton, Volunteer at Friends of the Jackson County Library Bookstore

Garison Dejarnette, EMT for Western Carolina University EMS

Joyce Pope, Director of Outreach at United Christian Ministries Food Bank

Heather Mae Erickson, Ceramics Professor at Western Carolina University

Brittany Thompson, Detective at Western Carolina University PD

Eric Fanslau, Fireman at the Sylva Fire Department

Zach DeMeester, Trainer and Physical Therapist at CrossFit Swerve

Alexander Fishbaugh, Recruiter for the U.S. Air Force

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